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For Immediate Release:




Faith in Public Life Forum this Friday

"Catholics must not be silent in the face of growing threats to voters, fair elections, and democratic principles," leaders of Catholic organizations and Catholic university presidents wrote in a powerful statement released last week. ~ Faith in Public Life

On Friday, October 14, at 1:00 pm Eastern, our advocacy partner, Faith in Public Life, will host an online forum, Protecting Democracy & Voting Rights: A Conversation with Catholic Activists. I am excited to represent NETWORK on the panel. I invite you to tune in as I engage with Faith in Public Life leaders, the Young Latino Network, Edgewood College, and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.


As NETWORK's Pope Francis Voter Tour launches in the Midwest this week, justice-seekers across the nation have an opportunity to hear from Catholic leaders committed to faithfully protecting our democracy this election season. 


Powerful institutions and political leaders rig our politics to block all of us from voting and thriving in our country. We know that voter suppression is a sin and silence is complicity. I hope you can watch on Friday to hear how Catholics concerned about the threats to voters, fair elections, and democratic principles are using faith as a guide to protect our democracy and our freedom to vote.


NETWORK and the National Black Sisters' Conference continue collaborating through Black Catholic History Month. 


On April 22, 2022, NETWORK began its collaboration with the National Black Sisters' Conference by bestowing the honor of its Justice Seekers Award. As part of the continued partnership, in November 2022, NETWORK will feature examples of the steadfast faith and witness demonstrated by Black Religious women in the country, the Catholic Church, and their religious congregations. Each Monday throughout the month, a different topic will be covered in various formats to be posted simultaneously on NBSC and NETWORK's website and social media. 


More information will be provided in the weeks leading up to Black Catholic History Month.

On Saturday, October 29, from 12:30 pm to 2 pm EDT, NETWORK and NBSC will co-sponsor Part II of the Online: White Supremacy and America Christianity discussion. 


This ongoing conversation will include noted experts Fr. Bryan Massingale, Robert P. Jones, and Dr. Marcia Chatelain, moderated by NBSC Associate Member and NETWORK Deputy Director Joan Neal.  


A donation of $5 is encouraged but not mandatory to support this initiative. Pre-registration for this event is required. To register for this event, visit   

NBSC pressing the Good News! 

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