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Mission & Vision


GOALS:       In response to this vision we choose to:

  1. Support one another in the faith, in religious life, and in our struggle for justice.

  2. Foster a positive self-image among ourselves and our people.

  3. Reclaim our voice and moral authority to speak out against injustice as a national Black Catholic organization.



  1. Develop social media platforms for better communication among members and to increase national and global awareness of who we are and our mission.

  2. Publish links to educational modules regarding current issues using the web and appropriate social media, as well as workshops and conferences.

  3. Design and implement Black religious vocations promotion materials for distribution via print and social media, television ads, etc.

  4. Set up regional NBSC networks, appoint conveners for a two-year term, in order to support NBSC action plans. For example, voter registration/get out the vote, and other critical issues.

  5.  NBSC will collaborate with other religious, civic and social organizations, such as LCWR, NBCCC, NBCC, Black Catholic Bishops, Knights of Peter Claver, Network, etc., to achieve these goals and objectives.


Affiliates & Friends

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